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Explore and experiment. Here are some mobile tools and ICT-enabled apps that are commonly used to promote transparency and civic engagement. Have an idea for a tool to be featured here? Send us your suggestion.


The items listed below do not reflect any endorsement on behalf of OTDA or its partners. No preference or priority is implied by the order of the list. The tools highlighted here are based on a dynamic set of criteria established exclusively by the ODTA team which includes, but is not limited to, the popularity and general applicability of the tool; the relevance of the tool to projects with which ODTA and its partners are engaged; the availability of the tool; the value-added of the tool in the context of other items already listed; and other factors.

ODTA welcomes suggestions of items to include in this list via the form on the Contact page. Inclusion/exclusion of items on this page is at the sole discretion of the ODTA Team.


    TRAC-FM is a tool for governance and accountability, providing a platform that is used for instant analyzing and visualizing of the results of SMS polls that are carried out by radio or TV presenters. ​

  • FormHub

    ​Formhub is an Android application that makes collecting survey data free and easy.

  • RapidSMS

    RapidSMS is a free and open-source SMS framework for data collection, logistics coordination and communication.

  • uReport

    uReport is a free SMS-based system is being used by UNICEF in Uganda to enable communities to share common issues and work together with community leaders.

  • Code For America Apps

    Code For America partners with cities to develop and share apps and software that improve public services.​

  • Civic Commons Marketplace

    The Civic Commons Marketplace is a space for open innovation in government, allowing cities to share software for public service delivery.

  • OpenStreetMap

    OpenStreetMap (OSM), sometimes called a "Wikipedia of maps," is a tool that allows the public to collaboratively create a map of​ the world and manipulate and download the data for free.

  • PoiMapper

    ​Collecting and utilizing point-of-interest (POI) data cost-effectively with mobile technologies.

  • EpiSurveyor

    Fast, easy and affordable mobile data collection.

  • Citivox

    Turn citizen reports into actionable information.

  • FrontlineSMS

    FrontlineSMS is a two-way SMS messaging system that enables direct communication between large groups and a central database.

  • SeeClickFix

    SeeClickFix strengthens citizen feedback loops regarding the performance of local governments and maintenance of public assets.

  • Ushahidi

    Ushahidi is a citizen feedback platform commonly used in post-disaster situations.