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Open Invitation for Feedback on New Research

Published December 2011.

The Open Development Technology Alliance is holding a consultation period to invite feedback on its recently commissioned research papers. The ODTA has partnered with several leading academics to write a series of research papers to contribute to the body of knowledge in the areas of: Open Data, Information, Communication & Technology for Social Accountability, and Crowdsourcing

Realizing the Vision of Open Government: Opportunities, Challenges and Pitfalls (or see Abridged Version)

• Open Data Kenya: Case Study of the Underlying Drivers, Principal Objectives and Evolution of One of the First Open Data Initiatives in Africa (or see Abridged version)

Informational Capabilities: The Missing Link for the Impact of ICT on Development

Technologies for Transparency and Accountability: Implications for ICT Policy and Implementation

The Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in Fragile State Contexts

To enhance its open development work on transparency and openness, the ODTA has made all seven research papers available for public review and feedback. In this 3-month open review process, academics, development practitioners, and citizens are invited to comment and review and comment on the papers on a public socially-enabled web platform. Authors will be reading and responding to reader feedback and comments, and will revise the papers based on these discussions. The final papers will be published publicly after the open consultation.

Who is invited to give feedback?

Anyone with an opinion about how open data, ICT for social accountability, or crowd sourcing is and should be impacting development is welcome to share their thoughts. We especially hope to get feedback from development practitioners in the field, academics in developing countries, students in developing countries, civil society, public sector practitioners, and citizens who are care about these issues. The ODTA welcomes diverse opinions, and hopes to foster a healthy debate about the best approaches for development.

Why give feedback?

• An opportunity to publicly discuss, review, reflect and provide comments/reviews on the ideas presented in the papers. 
• Engage with the World Bank and others to contribute to the way development is being perceived, and ultimately how development policy decisions are made. 
• Learn about the latest thinking, influence, and shape the conversation around these topics in development before they are published.

Why an open consultation?

This process comes from the acknowledgement by the World Bank that much of the best expertise in the world comes directly from citizens and practitioners on the ground. The ODTA is open and eager to engage and listen, and gain insights and knowledge from the crowd. In line with the idea of 'Open Knowledge, Open Solutions', this process is meant to provide a forum for openly discussing these topics, and an opportunity for the World Bank to actively listen and engage with global stakeholders on this important issue.

The ODTA is a recently created World Bank Knowledge Platform which seeks to make development more transparent, participatory, and accountable. By sharing up-to-date knowledge, facilitating connections among experts and innovators, and providing access to technology tools, the ODTA aims to helps achieve greater scale and impact in development outcomes.